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Mrt 9, 16 om 09:35
This stepping stone pad of good display cigarette

The quality of store location determines your home business pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of merchandise display location determines your sales. So I have always believed that "people rely on clothes horse saddle" remark is not false, as long as you are a good pad cartons of newport 100s cigarette display this stepping stone, would not sell the merchandise. Otherwise, why would provide display manufacturers to make display promotional fee for their commodity? In fact, this illustrates a truth: the display itself is a kind of invisible advertising.

Take for instance my family a few years ago, when the cheap marlboro gold cigarettes display is a wooden partition to do tobacco planes, because there is no bezel live, with my family hand is not enough, and his father was very old, always afraid that someone stole my house things, it is generally not dare put real smoke, just put an empty cigarette packs, but also because really smoke accumulation in the corner of the store, often moldy cheap newport 100s cigarettes online. "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" Later, I let my father agreed to change the display method, and I say now is a market economy, instead of the planned economy, my business concept is rather let commodity goods were stolen and never let expire mildew. By patiently father persuasion, I finally set-up a cigarette cabinet, the newport 100 cigarettes from a corner store moved to the center. The cigarette display of great change, but also to my family's cigarette customer rating rose to two from five. Thus we can see that the display effect played can be foreseen.

At present, a time when tobacco companies to carry out a modern terminal building, "six functional" one of the "image display function" can not do without cigarettes display. Retail terminal image construction can enhance the retail customer business conditions, store the image content. The cheap wholesale newport 100 chinese cigarettes marlboro cigarettes online cigarette vivid display, enabling business environment changed for the better, to attract tourists and enhance the popularity and thus improve profitability.

So how can play the role of a stepping stone cigarette display it? I think we can french cigarettes start from the following aspects:
One cigarette merchandising position to try to put in a better light, visual effects, brightness enough position to ensure that the commodity is easy to see and easy to find, customers buy newport 100's cigarettes online a lot easier.

Second, cigarette counter, merchandise display to health, clean and tidy. We want to clean up goods and shelf space in the display of goods, while health, cigarette merchandise dust should be promptly wipe clean to ensure cleanliness cheap newport cigarettes cartons online merchandise to the customer to create a clean and beautiful shopping environment.

Third, the cheap newport cigarettes wholesale brands and types of merchandising to try to complete, focus placed on smoke cabinet or unified position, to try to ensure that a brand or a series of cigarette merchandise can focus on display together, so let customers buy cheap newport 100s cigarettes both There are more choices, and can easily find their own favorite brand of cigarettes they need.

Fourth cheap marlboro red cigarettes commodity price tag. Cigarette price tag specification will be placed in a plastic card sleeve, kept clean, complete, thereby enhancing the image of our own business, but also to create an honest and reliable customer sales environment.

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